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Carotid Angiogram- Benefits and Risks


  • Carotid angiogram may eliminate the need for surgery.
  • Carotid angiogram can provide more detail in small blood vessels.
  • This procedure is a useful way to structural abnormalities in the carotid artery which can lead to stroke.
  • No radiation remains in the patient’s body after the carotid angiogram.
  • X-rays used should have no immediate side effects.


  • There is always a slight risk of cancer from excessive exposure to radiation.
  • If a contrast material is used, there is a slight risk of allergic reaction.
  • If a large amount of x-ray contrast material leaks out from the vein and spreads under the skin where the IV is placed, it may damage the skin, blood vessels and nerves. If you feel any pain or tingling sensation in this area during or immediately after the contrast material injection, you should inform your radiologist right away.
  • Women who are pregnant should always consult with their radiologist before a carotid angiogram.