Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

Option 1: Endovenous Laser Ablation

In the office the great saphenous vein will be treated with laser energy. May resume normal activities in 24 hours. No strenuous activity for 3 days. There is mild pain. 2-5 day follow-up with ultrasound. Use of compression stockings minimum of 2 weeks. May be performed with Microphlebectomy.

Option 2: Microphlebectomy

Surgical removal of branch varicosities in the leg. Hospital or office procedure. Limit strenuous activities x 1 week, with gradual return to normal activities. Office follow-up in 2-4 week. Pain is mild-moderate.

Option 3: Vein Stripping

Surgical removal of the great saphenous vein. Out-patient hospital procedure. Limit strenuous activity for 1-2 weeks, then gradual return to aerobic exercise. 1-2 week office follow-up. Pain is moderate. May be performed with Microphlebectomy.

Option 4: Chemical Ablation

A liquid solution is injected into "spider veins". A foam solution is injected into larger veins. Minimal pain. Limit strenuous exercise x 3 days. Wear compression stockings a minimum of 3 days. Not usually covered by insurance.

Option 5: VenaSeal

The VenaSealâ„¢ closure system uses an advanced medical adhesive to seal the malfunctioning vein in a minimally invasive procedure. Minimal discomfort and normal daily activities resume quickly. FDA approved, however, not currently covered by insurance.