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Spine CT Myelogram – How to Prepare

When preparing for your spine CT Myelogram, usually patients are advised to increase their fluid intake the day before a scheduled Myelogram, as it is important to be well hydrated. Solid foods should be avoided for several hours before the exam, but fluids may be continued.

You may be asked to remove some or all of your clothes and to wear a gown during the exam. You may also be asked to remove jewelry, removable dental appliances, eye glasses and any metal objects or clothing that might interfere with the x-ray images.

You should inform your physician of all medications you are taking and if you have any allergies. If you have a known allergy to contrast material, or "dye," your doctor may prescribe medications (usually a steroid) to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. These medications generally need to be taken 12 hours prior to administration of contrast material.

Some drugs should be stopped one or two days before Myelography. These include certain antipsychotic medications, antidepressants, blood thinners, and some other drugs.

In addition, women should always inform their radiologist and the CT technologist if there is any possibility that they may be pregnant.

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