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Bone Radiography (X-ray) - Benefits and Risks


  • Radiography (X-ray) can detect the presence or absence of disease, foreign objects, and structural damage or anomalies early on.
  • Radiography (X-ray) uses the lowest possible amount of radiation and produces the minimum number of images needed.
  • The benefit of radiography far exceeds the small cancer risk associated with the procedure.


  • Radiography (X-ray) is a type of x-ray procedure and carries the same types of risks as other x-ray procedures. The radiation dose the patient receives varies on the individual procedure.
  • There is a small possibility of developing a radiation-induced cancer or cataracts some time later in life.
  • Radiography (X-ray) can disturb the growth or development of an embryo or fetus when performed on a pregnant patient. Women should always consult with their radiologist or technologist if there is any possibility they could be pregnant.