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Varicoceles Treatments at Mountain Medical

Varicoceles are abnormally enlarged veins found in the scrotum. They are very similar to varicose veins found elsewhere in the body; faulty valves inside varicoceles prevent normal blood flow. This allows blood to collect and the vessels to enlarge. Varicoceles can be painful, can cause fertility problems, and testicular atrophy. It is estimated that approximately 10 percent of all men have varicoceles - among infertile couples, the incidence of varicoceles increases to 30 percent.

Benefits of Varicocele Embolization

Mountain Medical has the technology to treat varicoceles through a pinhole size puncture in the arm or leg vein with minimally-invasive techniques avoiding the need for major surgery or incisions. The benefits of treatment include diminished pain and a boosted fertility rate.

What to Expect

Typical indicators are: on the left side of scrotum, Visual physical exam - scrotum looks like a "bag of worms", Testicle can shrink in size.

Mountain Medical's physicians can make a diagnosis through physical and diagnostic examinations. Receiving treatment at Mountain Medical for Varicocele is done as an outpatient with quicker recovery time to get back to regular activity; no requirement for general anesthesia; no hospitalization recovery time; no sutures; and a lower risk for surgery-related problems such as an infection.

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