MRI Guided Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy - Benefits and Risks


  • An MRI guided vacuum assisted breast biopsy is less invasive than surgical biopsy and leaves little or no scarring.
  • An MRI guided vacuum assisted breast biopsy is usually completed within 1 hour.
  • MRI does not involve exposure to ionizing radiation.
  • Compared to surgical biopsy, MRI guided breast biopsy is quicker, causes less damage and is less costly.
  • Recovery time is brief and patients can soon resume their usual activities.


  • There is a risk of bleeding and forming hematoma, or a collection of blood at the biopsy site. The risk however, is very minimal and appears to be less than 1% in patients.
  • An occasional patient has significant discomfort which can be readily controlled by non-prescription pain medication.
  • Any procedure where the skin is penetrated carries a risk of infection.
  • If you have breast implants, the needle could potentially puncture the implant.
  • An MRI guided breast biopsy carries a